Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Györköny’s official website for visitors. The site of this 1000 populated jewel is under constant development and expansion so it is worthy to take a visit every so often.

Why should you visit this beautiful village?

Everyone who ever visited Györköny would want to come back to recall the good times spent with exceptional food and drinks amongst friendly people and to enjoy the natural environment. The humpy-bumpy landscape, the curved streets, the fishing lake and the unique, untouched but very touching Cellar Hill (Pincehegy)are providing the beauty of both the natural and artificial environment.

About the Cellar Hill (Pincehegy)

The best way to meet the friendly, welcoming and open locals is to enjoy some of their traditional food and of course a nice glass of matching wine (well, be assured they will offer more than one…) Very rare, let us say it is unique to find a cookbook here translated to the still spoken, traditional local language, the Kraut. Unlike the well-known and very boring menus with only goulash, stuffed cabbage and blah-blah-blah of the popular restaurants, here You have the chance to taste some Cellar stew, Cabbage Ball á la Györköny, fresh and delicious Roast Duck, freshly made pork dishes and the secret cold buffets served in the press houses.

Cooking under clear skies

Györköny used to be a dominant wine producer in the previous century, there was grape grown on over a 1000 acres, and the exceptional quality wine was sold in pubs and restaurants operated by Györköny citizens even in Budapest. The wine of the village was famous of being able to travel on sea without any loss of the quality. After the World War

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